Importance of Data Backup for Medical Professionals

Posted by Sean McCabe on October 12, 2017 at 3:50 PM

The importance of data backup for medical professionals can’t be taken for granted. It’s an essential part of any health care organization’s technology strategy. Since no one can predict the next crisis, consider it a cyber-healthy way for doctors and hospitals to survive.

Hospitals cannot be careless about data backup. Their data is crucial for providing dependable care for patients. Imagine a healthcare facility suddenly without power, or with damaged or missing information. Besides being an inconvenience for doctors and nurses, it now puts patients in danger. You can already feel the legal headache coming on.



What’s the easiest way to avoid such calamity? Having offsite data storage for starters. It’s not just a recommendation anymore. Backup data must be stored off premises, this way it won’t be lost if damage occurs to computer equipment. Keeping storage devices on-site nowadays creates a large risk.

Here’s a tragic scenario: A hospital or doctor’s office is completely destroyed in a natural disaster. Bye bye vital data. Storing off site preserves data integrity. This is why simply “backing up data” can be confusing. Making a copy of your program files and associated data is fine, but not enough.

Our goal isn’t to frighten, it’s to educate and help you stay vigilant when it comes to data security. If you think you are alone in never thinking about this, you are not. Most medical professionals rarely ever consider how often this takes place. It might happen to your colleagues, but until it hits you… you won’t know how to react. When it does occur, you will feel helpless. Data loss can put your practice out of commission for days or even weeks. At the end of the day, it all comes down to how much pain can your bank account take. Fortunately, the solution is also a simple one. If you are backed up, you can usually continue operations as long as you have functional computers.

Backup your files and have offsite data storage. Take these two pills of advice, and call us in the morning.

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