Proper Network Backup for Law Firms

Posted by Sean McCabe on January 10, 2018 at 2:59 PM



Having the best network backup for your law firm is essential. If all of your info (clients, law docs, etc.) is contained only in one physical place and it hasn’t been backed up appropriately, your law firm is playing with fire. There are many ways you can back up the firm’s business information, but the most important thing to remember is that you store your information and data in a way where it can’t be lost.

Schedule backups for multiple computers in the office. By doing so, you can limit the chances of a workplace disaster. Even the smallest law firms employee anywhere from three to five people. Since human error accounts for nearly 32% of all data loss, you can bet that at some point one of your workers will accidentally wreak havoc.

By having network backup for the entire office, you’ve made your work-life much easier. If you decide on having a public backup provider manage your backups, your backup software will automatically backup all of the devices included in your network. Network backup should be a main cog in your disaster recovery plan. It’s smart and extremely easy to set up network backup for every device you and your employees use. At the end of the day, knowing all of your clients’ business information is saved and protected from even a minor data error, grants you peace of mind.

Wouldn’t it be devastating for your firm, if you didn’t have proper network backup? A highly sensitive matter could be a hacker’s sweet dream. Case in point: last year, one of the largest law firms in the world was paralyzed by the Petya Ransomware attack. Their phones, emails and entire web portal were all down. Without any access to communications or documents, operations were grounded. This went on for days and weeks, costing the firm millions. All because of a lack of a disaster plan. If this happened to a massive law firm, think about how easily it can happen to yours.

Data breaches and office downtime sadly go hand-in-hand. Plan ahead, act as quickly as you can for the recovery process, and you can take control of your business and avoid any data loss damage.

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