Equifax Data Breach: Now What?

Posted by Sean McCabe on September 15, 2017 at 11:41 AM

The aftermath of the Equifax data breach has left us with more questions than answers. How could something like this happen to a major company? How could they be so careless with our private information? Who did this and what is being done about it? As this gets sorted out, there are already facts we know and actions we need to take.

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Topics: Data Loss Prevention, data breach

Five Questions You Need To Ask Your IT Department

Posted by Sean McCabe on August 31, 2017 at 3:44 PM

Having state-of-the-art, secure online storage for your company’s data doesn’t mean you can shut off your brain and relax. Sure, a solid file backup system spares you the work of changing and storing backup tapes, burning DVDs, copying your files to external hard drives, etc.

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Topics: Business IT, Data Loss Prevention, data storage

The Importance of Educational Data Backup

Posted by Sean McCabe on July 13, 2017 at 3:21 PM

It’s hard to believe, but we are only about six weeks away from the start of a brand new college semester. Sorry to be such a bummer to your Summer. But don’t worry students, this is geared more towards your professors and university faculty.

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Topics: File & Data Recovery, Data Management, Data Loss Prevention

What Leads To Data Loss?

Posted by Sean McCabe on July 6, 2017 at 2:36 PM

It’s the kind of nightmare that will have you waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. Whether it’s hardware failure or human error, data loss should be the primary concern for all businesses. Data loss can occur on any device that stores your data. Any loss, or even misplacement, of data is important to your business' ongoing success. It’s cyber-life or death.

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Topics: Running a Business, Data Loss Prevention

Myths About Cloud Backup

Posted by Sean McCabe on June 29, 2017 at 4:12 PM


When people discuss cloud backup, it’s done in an almost mythical jargon. With this comes many misconceptions. Not everyone is really clued in on all the ins and outs of uploading files onto the cloud, which sometimes leads to serious consequences.

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Topics: Cloud Backup Comparisons, Backup for Businesses, Data Loss Prevention


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